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Real-time Shipment Ratings Delivered

Our app 'S180' delivers real-time shipment information as soon as they are rated.

Hidden Cost

Reveal these easily overlooked soft costs.

Need for Speed?

Do you wait for statements before knowing the final invoice amounts? How does this affect planned compensation?

No Automation?

Are you using automation to calculate and compensate for shipments? How many manual steps does it take now?

Replicating Data?

Are you manually creating general ledger entries from service codes Replicating information prone to mistakes?

Losing Revenue?

Have you written off small shipment balances? How easy is it to use paper to locate missing money for rating changes?


Advanced AI

The S180 AI moves paper out of the way, completing the manual and routine tasks through an engineered process. Your company profile, comp, and rate schedules. With the instant notice of missing funds AND the extra time AI saves, your team can immediately chase dollars instead of writing them off.

Immediate Benifits

Improve focus and performance with AI automation.

Instant Ratings

Real-time "Abstracts" are delivered when shipments are rated to speed the awareness of future billing costs. A complete rating change history I available for side-by-side comparisons creating significant efficiencies.

Shipment Details

As Shipment are rated, details arrive through API connection to the Van Line and displayed on your screen. Advanced AI maps and assigned General Ledger accounts to Service Codes saving hours manual entry work.

Statement Automation

Twice a month, statements are electronically delivered to the reconciliation team. Shipments with discrepancies are highlighted for quick access to shipment details.


Also included are indicated Van Line chargebacks against Agent on the statements, keeping the account team informed. Fast and easily viewed, saving your team time connecting the dots.

all-in-one system

Team Compensation - NEW!

The optional Team Comp add-on is the latest addition to this application. The TeamComp AI calculates shipment compensation for Contractors (Drivers) and Sales based on posted shipping details. The reports generated include a pay ledger, comp details, management reports, and even checks if elected.

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