Streamline Your Business Process

AI Data Management

Eliminate your teams outdated process of data collection and data entry.

Document Collection


Portal Drag and Drop for Invoices, Receipts, Reports, Spreadsheet, etc.

AI Interpritation


Netsirv AI evaluates documents submission for routing and data entry variables.

AI Entry


AI completes all data entry avoiding countless hours and costly errors.

Question about your data management

In the last 30 days, approximately how many documents has your company managed?

Documents Data Entered

Minutes per document

2 - SailStream Portal

Objective: To expedite the return of Client documents that will be evaluated by netsirv AI or your sales team.

Email sent to the Client

Sample customer email that can direct your Clients to the Document Collection Portal

Invoice Web Form

Contact Information

Lets make sure your the right person.

Invoice Upload

Please upload carrier invoices to be used in your rate analysis.

Please allow ####### for processing.

Step Survey

Invoice Count Per Lead

Minutes for CSR to enter an Invoice

Days to Final Upload Report Ready

3 - AI Process

Objective: Use SalesStream AI to generate an error-free upload reports at a record pace.

AI Process Overview

Invoice AI


Review spreadsheet managed record sets.

PDF Loop


CSR sends email with link to web form.

Instant Uploads


Upload file is returned seconds after invoice upload.

Step Survey

Percentage of invoices with errors

Minutes it takes to rework an invoice

Step Survey - Review Upload Document and Prior Steps

Brief Discussion on Lead Intake Process

Are there any irrelevant fields in upload?